Hanoi Weather

Weather forecast for Hanoi, VietnamWhat is the weather like in Hanoi, when is the best time to visit the city?

Autumn (around September to November) and Spring (March and April) are two best seasons to visit Hanoi when the weather is pleasant with milder temperatures.

In winder, Hanoi is extremely cold when the temperatures can fall below 10ºC and getting hotter in the summer averaging around 28-35ºC. Hanoi has high humidity year-round.

The rainy season in Hanoi is May to September. Heavy rains may happen sometimes in the summer, however, it is not consistent and does not affect your travel.

Hanoi weather by Month

December – March, cold (sometimes as cold as 5 degrees) but mainly dry

April – June, warm

July – September hot and humid and chances of showers

October – November, warm, clear skies

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