Sapa VietnamVietnam is a country that has fought numerous wars and undergone much suffering. Yet you will find not trace of either war or suffering.

It’s a real wonder! A unique country where traditions that are thousands of year old are still alive and respected. A country where young generation – among the youngest in the world – do not talk of war and bitterness but welcome all, including Americans, as they say: “if you come as a friend, I will open my hands and hear for you”.

How to you make this voyage of discovery? It’s like having three metre tablecloth but six-metre table. You will never come to an end. The variety of landscapes, events and hospitality make the possibility endless. Vietnam meets the demand of every taste and character. You prefer jetting from city to city? No problem, Vietnam Airlines is modern, young and safe and the service matches (sometimes, depends on the mood of the crew) that of all the world’s great airlines. Maybe you would like to travel the country by bus, but not miss comfort and punctuality.No problem, buy a Sinh Café open tour ticket. Their modern air-conditioned, spotlessly clean buses from Halong, north of Hanoi, to the southernmost Cuu Long (Me Kong Delta) destination.

You can stay overnight, visit the World Heritage treasures of Hue, Hoi An, My Son, the world unique Champa sculpture museum of Danang, or the white beaches of Nha Trang, the mountain freshness of Dalat or the southern metropolis Ho Chi Minh City and continue with the next Sinh café bus. The prices are ridiculously cheap.

You want to see the country from a canoe? Contact Ho Guom Travel (or Buffalo Tours) in Hanoi. They will provide you with all the equipment and guidance needed to discover the sea, its shores, rivers, lakes and caves. Closer to nature you can not be.

What about biking on up to the mountains? Or riding on the Honda Harley Davison Motorbikes roaring countryside. Several companies can lead you to the top of Vietnam’s many ranges. There, you will enjoy breathtaking views and fresh drinks and a curious conversation.

You mean that there is nothing for a sea paraglide fan like you? Error: Muine’s sea beach starts every day punctually in the afternoon. Fresh wind and smooth waves and the professional equipment from several serious shops clean up your monster city pollution spoiled lungs.

In the rare case you like this year to walk, Vietnam is your heaven. Exploring the rich flora and thousands of birds is best by foot. It’s up to you to decide whether or not to storm the 3.100-meter-high Mt Phan Xi Pang in northern Vietnam or dawdle past the many gardens, paddy fields and villages in the South.

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